Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Next Up - Lewes ArtWave 2015

I will be opening my studio for Lewes Art Wave   -  it is venue 16 in the brochure
see www.artwavefestival.org

I'll be there weekends ( and Bank Holiday )  22, 23, 29, 30 and 31  August and 5,6 September; if you want to come out of hours just get in touch...normal hours 10am - 5pm
First door on the left as you go in to the
Lewes Constitutional Club
139 High Street

There will be new work in progress - a new book for the Oxford Fine Press Bookfair end of october is on the way
and work centred around a recent book The Alchymical Garden of Thomas Browne ( see previous post for some images )
as well as older prints and books and lots of new cards

if you are weary there is a garden out the back and you can get a drink at the bar!

This image is for Marcus at the Booth Museum who very kindly talked me through how to glue dead butterflies to some twigs for a small installation in a dome - what a wonderful place that museum is.

Sir Thomas Browne ( 1605 -1682) was a wonderful seventeenth century writer, natural philosopher and physician, admired by Virginia Woolf, Sebald, Borges and Marias, and Paul Nash - whose Artists' Book 'Urn Buriall' is a personal favourite of mine . Like Montaigne, Browne lives and writes in that wonderful period - as religious dogmatism starts to crumble but before eighteenth century rationalism develops new straightjackets of its own - when the inquiring mind can soar through imagined space and time  making its own stories about how we might observe and fathom out the world and its infinite possibilities, 'moral and intellectual mazes' as his new biographer puts it....
His gloriously elaborate language is a joy and he is responsible for introducing and composing more new words into the english language than any other single person. I greatly recommend Hugh Aldersey Williams new book about him, the Adventures of Thomas Browne in the 21st Century - i hope it introduces him to a new audience.

Next Up - Lewes ArtWave

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Alchymical Garden of Thomas Browne

New for Turn the Page in Norwich - 1-2 May......might just be ready in time!........

Come and see the whole book............

Monday, 2 March 2015

New Work, New Acitivities for 2015

Pictures soon when more work is finished

I shall be exhibiting at TTP - the wonderful Artists Book Fair in Norwich in May - 1st-2nd
- shorter than you think by train from London and a beautiful place to visit.....

follow the link here:  turnthepage.org.uk/

I am also busy finishing a new book for the Oxford Fine Press Book Fair at the end of October


Women in Print: Witchcraft and the Popular Press 1920- 1990
April 11th 2015 9.30am- 4.30pm  The Wellington Hotel, Boscastle, Cornwall

Full Price £50   Student/Speaker rate £25
Inclusive of entrance to the museum and refreshments.
The ‘Women in Print’events are an occasional series of  gatherings to discuss  the ways in which women’s creative and intellectual cultural agency is manifest through and framed by popular print culture. At each event a limited edition print run of illustrated CHAPBOOKS by contemporary writers, artists and academics will be available. These were recently featured on the blog All Things Considered . see link here : allthingsconsidered.co.uk/2014/12women-in-print.html

look up under design, then scroll down from great review of Johnny Hannah's new book.....to 
women in print review by Angie Lewin 
The third of the  ‘Women in Print’ events, this study day  seeks to investigate the ways in which women's contribution to 20th c. popular print culture described and framed ideas about  'witchcraft'.
Supported by Manchester School of Art in collaboration with the Museum of British Folklore and the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, the study day will take place at the Wellington Hotel in Boscastle, Cornwall, on Saturday 11th April 2015 from 9.30 am – 4.30pm. Tickets are available online via https://womeninprintnetwork.wordpress.com/

Contributing speakers come from a wide range of disciplines and practices- Literature, Anthropology, Design, Art History and witchcraft itself, the day will offer a diverse and interdisciplinary consideration of the role of print media in shaping our collective understanding of witchcraft.
The day will be split into three sessions, the first discussing ways of  Reading the Witch. Marion Gibson, Professor of Magical and Renaissance Literature at the University of Exeter, will talk about ‘Witchcraft and the Novel 1919- 1929’. Dr. Fiona Hackney, an expert in Design Cultures and Community Engagement from the school Art and Design at Falmouth University, will be talking about ‘the witch as a figure of folkcraft and rural modernity in the fiction of Ruth Manning Sanders’. Katherine Hodgkin will be talking about ‘pagans and demons in the English village’ and the presence of witchcraft in women’s detective fiction.  Dr. Eleanor Byrne from Manchester Metropolitan University will be considering the witch in children’s literature of the 1970’s.
The second session will look at Magical Landscapes Joyce Froome, witchcraft expert and Assistant Curator at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic will be talking about Dorothy Jacob and her book’ A Witches’ Guide to Gardening’ in relation to ‘sixtiesfeminine folk wickedness’, Author, craftsman and witchcraft historian Steve Patterson will talk about the painter and magician IthellColqhoun and ‘the alchemical transformation of Lamorna valley’ bringing his expertise into West Country witchcraft to the subject. The artist/printmaker and independent researcher Carolyn Trant will be talking about IthellColqhoun in relation to Aleister Crowley and the Surrealists.
In the final session will look at Histories and collections of witchcraft,  Dr.Helen Cornish will be considering the reputation of the anthropologist Margaret Murray, and her controversial book ‘The God of the Witches’, published in 1931.Illustrator Hayley Potter will explain how her recent residency at the Museum has informed her research into the way women collected and classified magical artefacts. Finally, we are delighted that Dave Chatton- Barker and Ian Humerstone (Folklore Tapes) will talk about their experimental fieldwork and research into Theo Brown and the Folklore of Dartmoor. The day will end with a multimedia, performance from the Folklore tapes. Their blend of analogue technology, folklore and landscape is a suitably magical spectacle to end the day’s proceedings.
There will be refreshments available throughout the day, and the ticket price includes free entrance to the museum and library.
If you have any questions about the event please contact
Desdemona McCannon, Senior Lecturer at Manchester School of Art.

Please buy tickets and register online by following this link

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Seasons Greetings

Hi Everyone

I am still out there working but have had a few technical problems this year which I hope to resolve shortly..
I will be back blogging in the New Year hopefully with lots of updates and images...
meanwhile the website is still tricky for me to update - you can view evrything there so far at
but check the blog for news and I will post up when the web-site is being added to again
no Lewes printmakers calendar this year for similar reasons....
but the work continues and I'm fine, just busy!..........will speak soon.......

Monday, 14 April 2014

The Battle of Lewes and Turn the Page

My Printmaking Group have been working hard for the Battle of Lewes celebrations in May - this is our new book - an Alphabet Book of the Battle of Lewes consisting of 26 cards with the images and a booklet of explanatory text containing  lots of interesting and less well known details about the battle and its significance for our parliamentary history, all packaged as a nice little book about the size of a good sized paperback.

The original prints are made up into a large concertina book which is on display in the Lewes Town Hall.
The paperback book can be purchased there or from the Tom Paine Printing Press shop, 151 High Street
for a very reasonable sum ( £12 ).

Meanwhile I will be away missing some of the celebrations as I am doing the Turn the Page Artists Book Fair in Norwich the first friday and saturday of May. It's a lovely venue, was well attended by people from all over last year; this year it has an interesting program alongside the stands; and it's a beautiful city to explore. I was so inspired by it last year that will be showing some little books about Norfolk - The Man in the Moon and a litttle display about Nelson.
see earlier blogs ( august and october) for more images.


Saturday, 1 March 2014

New Year well on its way.....

And I have not blogged since before Christmas...I've been far too busy trying to catch up with myself and finish work that I showed at Oxford Fine Press Fair so I could start the year anew.
Well , its 1st March and I am just about there - starting 2 important new books with James Simpson and playing with the idea of a 3rd that follows on from my Irish book Mharbna...
see below ( previous post) for images of Mharbna and my website for other books
which will hopefully be updated in due course

I am concentrating on working rather than exhibiting at book fairs this year , but I will be doing the 2nd Book Fair at Norwich, Turn the Page, at the beginning of May ( it was such an enjoyable experience last year )

and I seem to be booked for several talks....
first up will be about Peggy Angus at MMU Special Collections in Manchester in conjunction with the Manchester Museum of People's History Women in Print event
next friday march 7th
and scroll down to Women in Print  1920-1965

There will be an exhibition about Peggy Angus at Towner starting July 12th until september 21st
with a program of events , of which more anon. I will hopefully be doing another Peggy Angus walk from Charleston in the late summer - date to be confirmed.

Thursday march 20th I am giving a talk about Art and Archaeology with reference to my past work  for the University of Sussex Archaeology Society; starts at 7pm, venue ARTS A2, University of Sussex - free to all, just turn up, £2 with free wine reception afterwards
Lecture Series 2013-14

May sees the 750th anniversary of the Battle of Lewes and my printmaking group are producing an alphabet book to celebrate the month of festivities in town - this will be a packet of cards of the prints with an accompanying booklet and an exhibition of the finished concertina book somewhere in Lewes, watch this space
and see
website in process of being refashioned....
we will be showing at the May Fayre at Lewes Priory May 10th  and the weekend of the Festival in town 17/18th May

more images of all this as the year unfolds.......